A gentle yet effective laser resurfacing treatment.


A gentle yet effective laser resurfacing treatment.

What Is Moxi?

This fractional diode laser is the perfect year round skin resurfacing treatment. Moxi safely reduces the appearance of melasma and fine lines. This treatment is perfect for all skin types!

Benefits of Moxi

Moxi laser can target early signs of aging and sun damage and can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions. Many benefits include:

  • Brighter, renewed skin

  • Pigment reduction

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Brightened, Renewed Skin

Appointment Pricing

Treatment pricing starts at $650

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What is Moxi?

Moxi is a fractional diode laser that targets the superficial layer of skin. It helps leave the skin more radiant and smooth.

What is the downtime?

Very minimal downtime. Skin will be red and look like a sunburn for a day or 2. Then the skin will form a sandpaper texture that makeup and skincare can be applied over it.

Does it help with melasma?

YES! Moxi is a wonderful treatment for melasma patients. A lot of lasers can make the melasma worse, but Moxi can significantly reduce the appearance of the melasma.

Can you do the procedure year round?

Yes, this laser is safe to do all year long. Moxi is one of the few lasers that can be done all year long.

Is it painful?

We numb you for the first 20 minutes of the appointment to help with the heat of the laser. It takes roughly 7-12 minutes to do the full procedure, which makes it very tolerable.

Who is a candidate for Moxi?

EVERYONE. All skin types, all ages! It is a very gentle laser that can be done on every skin tone to help with hyperpigmentation and anti-aging.