Lip Enhancement

Achieve naturally plump lips with effective lip enhancement treatments and expert injectors.

Lip Enhancement

Achieve naturally plump lips with effective lip enhancement treatments and expert injectors.

What Is Lip Enhancement?

Lip enhancements are a popular type of dermal filler treatment that can benefit patients of all ages. For older patients, lip fillers can add volume to lips that have gone thinner with age and loss of fat. It can also fill in the wrinkles and fine lines that develop around the sides of your mouth. And for younger patients with naturally thin lips, lip filler treatments can help you boost your lip size and shape into one that complements your appearance.

Benefits of Lip Enhancement

Many patients who want fuller lips opt for dermal fillers over more invasive solutions. It’s a practical option for those on the go who want to see quick, subtle, and natural-looking improvements to their lips. Some of the benefits you can get from choosing lip fillers over surgical solutions include:

  • Restore lost volume

  • Instant results

  • Minimally invasive

Naturally Plump Lips

Have fuller lips that look and feel natural. With our quality dermal filler injections and our skilled providers, you can get aesthetically pleasing results that complement the rest of your facial features. Whether you’ve got naturally thin lips or lips that have flattened with aging, we can improve your appearance by adding enough filler for the right volume.

Appointment Pricing

Treatment pricing starts at $675

Achieve A Renewed Appearance with Skinlab

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What is the difference between lip flip vs lip filler?

A lip flip is used with a neurotoxin to relax the upper lip to prevent it from curling under whenever you smile – which makes the upper lip look more full. Lip filler is going to replace volume or add more volume into your lips to create a more hydrated plump.

How do I prepare for my lip appointment?

Avoid alcohol, ibuprofen, and anything that will thin the blood. These will cause you to bruise more than normal. Also, avoid these same items after the procedure for at least 24 hours. 

What is the recovery time?

You will be bruised and swollen for up to 2 weeks. Around the 2 week mark you should be fully healed. The first few days the swelling is the worst, don’t panic, they will go down. Plan events accordingly due to swelling and bruising. Ideally, 4-6 weeks before any major event will give enough time to be settled and healed.