Improve your appearance with Kybella treatments.


Improve your appearance with Kybella treatments.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable used to dissolve fat in the upper neck or "double chin" area. The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule called deoxycholic acid, which eats away at fat. When injected properly, all other cells are left healthy and intact. As long as the treatment is done correctly and in the intended area, it is very safe. And the results are permanent!

Benefits of Kybella

Fat deposits in your chin can be difficult to get rid of even with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Kybella injections permanently destroy these fat cells, allowing your body to filter them out of your body and reduce the fat in the area. Some of the benefits you can get from choosing Kybella include:

  • Permanently destroy chin fat cells

  • Avoid surgical options

  • Slimming results

Achieve A Sculpted Profile

Kybella before and after

Appointment Pricing

Treatment pricing starts at $600 per vial

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Does Kybella hurt?

There is some discomfort immediately following these injections that most people compare to a wasp sting. However, this discomfort is usually gone within 10 minutes following the treatment! There may be some residual soreness for a few days and some numbness to the touch for up to 2 weeks. 

What is the recovery from Kybella?

The main side effect from a Kybella treatment is swelling. The swelling can be significant for the first few days following the treatment, and then improves to mild over the next two weeks. We recommend icing the area, keeping the head and neck elevated, and staying hydrated. 

How long until I see results?

Most clients see results 8 weeks after this treatment. For full submental correction, we usually recommend 3 treatments, spaced 8 weeks apart.