IV Hydration

Feel your best with IV Hydration treatments.

IV Hydration

Feel your best with IV Hydration treatments.

What Is IV Hydration?

Intravenous hydration therapy, also known as Drip Therapy, is the fastest way to replenish your body’s fluids, electrolytes and vitamins. We offer several different customized options from just fluids, to fluids and vitamins, and possibly added medications to benefit your specific needs. These infusions take about 45 minutes, and results are often felt immediately!

Benefits of IV Hydration

Feel better and healthier with IV hydration therapy. IV therapy can help prevent illness, combat fatigue, help through weight loss, boost energy and restore vitamin levels. It is an effective and fast delivered treatment by accessing the body through the circular system.

Appointment Pricing

Treatment pricing starts at $120

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Why should I get IV vitamins if I already take oral supplements?

Vitamin IV bags allow your body to absorb 100% of the nutrients unlike oral supplements which typically are only absorbed at about 40%. Patients usually report a noticeable difference almost immediately due to the absorption and retention of the IV vitamins, experiencing faster and more effective results.

Who is IV Hydration best for?

IV hydration is for anyone who is feeling a little sluggish, dehydrated or has low energy. The benefits include rehydration, 100% absorption of the vitamins in the mixture and an immune system booster. Very helpful if you are getting over an illness to get you back to your normal self. Although, if you are actively sick we ask you to wait until you are better to protect our staff and others from the illness.