Chin Enhancement

Goodbye, Weak Chin! Hello, Defined Jawline. Achieve a well defined chin with our  treatment option.

Chin Enhancement

Goodbye, Weak Chin! Hello, Defined Jawline. Achieve a well defined chin with our  treatment option.

What Is A Chin Enhancement?

A chin enhancement is a non-surgical treatment using dermal filler injections to contour and reshape you chin. This treatment is a great way to instantly give you a chiseled profile.

Benefits of A Chin Enhancement

Chin enhancements can help to balance your face and provide facial symmetry. Benefits of a chin enhancement include:

  • Contour Chin and Jawline

  • Restore lost volume

  • Instant results

  • Minimally invasive

The Key to a Sculpted, Youthful Look

Reclaim facial balance and embrace your best self.

Appointment Pricing

Treatment pricing starts at $750

Achieve A Sculpted Look with Skinlab

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Why does someone need chin enhancement?

Chin can help balance a person’s profile, adding projection to the anterior face and creating a sharper jawline. Also, to balance lip volume with chin projection.

Does it hurt?

We use a topical numbing agent, and all of our HA fillers have lidocaine in them. We also provide ice packs.

Am I a candidate for chin enhancement?

Most people are a candidate for some chin support! As we age, we lose a combination of facial fat, bone density and muscle mass which can lead to laxity or “dead space” between the chin and bone (mandible).

What does it cost?

$750 for one syringe.

What is the aftercare?

You can expect some soreness for about a week, as well as possible swelling and bruising. Follow-ups can be scheduled at 2 weeks post treatment.

Any preparation needed?

Just like any other procedures we offer, we like you to avoid anything that will thin your blood like alcohol, ibuprofen or any NSAIDs or fish oil. You should not currently be on antibiotics or antifungals. You can take arnica tablets a couple days before to help lower your risk of bruising and speed healing time.

Is one syringe enough?

It depends on the person and anatomy, we can always start with one syringe and add on from there. Usually with chin enhancements, lower face support can be needed as well. They go great together!

I have a dimple in my chin, will this get rid of it?

It can help camouflage the dimple, although the dimple is part of anatomy so we cannot guarantee it will go away completely. On the other hand, if we want to keep the dimple and enhance the areas around it, we can do that too.